Tomb King – Army

This is a visual list of all the units I’ve painted for my Tomb King army so far. At this stage I’ve painted all of the models in my “standard list” but always have more I could try out and paint up. As I take more photos, I’ll be updating this entry…

I’m not a tournament player nor a competitive painter so for me, these models have been painted to an decent table top standard in a short amount of time. I’m playing Orcs & Goblins at the moment, but when I come back to the Tomb Kings, I’d like to go through and add some more highlights and details to some areas (especially on the large / single models). As I take photos of the models I’ve painted, I’ll upload them to this list. Would love to hear your thoughts…

So far the painted models include:

Tomb King
High Liche Priest
Liche Priest


Tomb Guard
Necro Knights