Orcs & Goblin – Army

This is my most recent painting project at the moment. I’ve taken a stack of photos, but just have to sort them out and upload them which I’m hoping to do soon, so I’ll be updating this entry as I go along…
I’ve got a tutorial on how I made the squigs out of horrors coming shortly as well…

So far the painted models include:

Orc Warboss
Orc Big Boss BSB
Orc Shaman
Night Goblin Shamans

Night Goblin Spearmen
Night Goblin Archers
Night Goblin Fanatics
Orc Boyz
Goblin Wolf Riders
Goblin Spider Riders

Orc Boar Chariot
Stone Troll
Black Orcs
Squig Herders
Spear Chukkas

Mangler Squigs
Doom Diver
Rock Lobba